> How to consume spirulina in twigs?

Soft in the mouth, it brings an original visual and texture but does not alter the taste of your preparations. It can be rehydrated in a liquid and added to a sauce, yoghurt, compote, etc. Its dry and crunchy side is interesting on salads and toasts as appetizers.

Just make sure to eat it raw in order to take advantage of all its nutrients!

> How much?

Get used to it slowly by starting with 1 gr then 2 then 3.The ideal is to consume one or two teaspoons every day. You can of course modulate and consume up to 1 tablespoon. That's 3 to 5 grams per day. In children, 1 g per 20 kg of body weight.

> How long?

After an initial one-month treatment, take a short check-up, take a short break. Resume as soon as you feel you need it! It's as simple as that, it's possible to take it all year round.