At the foot of the French Alps, 

spirulina finds conditions similar to the distant lakes of Peru.
In the pools, spirulina benefits from an ideal setting...
Quality water, a little salt, sun and mountain air!

A natural climate

No fossil fuels are used to heat the pools, only the sun provides heat.
Spirulina grows between 20 and 35°C. 

In good conditions of agitation and light, it divides every 36 hours.
Harvests begin in April.
During the summer they occur 4 times a week, then the frequency decreases until October when they stop.

agitation des bassins avec des roues à aubes

An ecological culture, "peasant spirulina"

Without GMOs or pesticides, it is a healthy crop.
Its basic and slightly salty living environment protects it from many predators.
This culture therefore does not require phytosanitary products and little energy.

Organic farming

Working within the idea of ​​a virtuous culture
we launched into organic farming at the end of 2021.
After a conversion period, the spirulina produced to date is ORGANIC and certified by Bureau Alpes Control.

What does this change?
Spirulina has always been an ecological crop,
that is to say that we did not use phytosanitary products, no chemical treatment.
However, a synthetic nitrogen input was used to feed the spirulina.

Today all of its food meets the specifications
for organic farming.
Nitrogen is provided with an organic source from soya,
The next step will be to find food produced as close as possible to our farm.
And we are working on it!

You'll tell me, but organic spirulina has been available in stores for years!?!!

French production has had difficulty obtaining this usable organic nitrogen in our basins.
Feeding spirulina with plants is not easy.
Numerous trials have taken place and a few products are now available.

As you certainly know, European organic is not Chinese or South American organic.
Everyone has their own specifications to respect.
However, Europe has been offering "equivalence" to foreign imports for years
who had the right to display the green leaf.
Foreign productions remain quite opaque,
we don't know how their spirulina is fed.

And is the final product as organic as we are asked to be in France and Europe?

.... are the products as well controlled as in France?

Now you have an organic French spirulina, meeting the best specifications!



Take a look to the harvest process !